Demos and Subscriptions

Give a try and see just how easy using an ordinance can be. 

The Online Demonstration Ordinance is an actual ordinance with all the features and functionality you will find throughout the site.
1. Click on the demos  button from the navigation bar.

2. Read the Welcome screen and continue to scroll down the page and fill out the form.
3. After completing the form, select the Trial City you wish to preview then click on the Trial Demo button.
4.  Once you have selected the Trial Demo button, a "Thank You" screen appears which highlights several site features you should try while using the Online Demonstration Ordinance.
5.  Click on the Let's Go button and proceed to the Online Demonstration Ordinance.

How to subscribe to
1. Select Subscribe from the Menu Bar
2.  Select the Subscriber Agreement link and read the agreement prior to completing the subscription form.
3.  Complete the Subscriber Agreement Form in its entirety and click on the Subscribe button.
After submitting the Subscription Form, you are given full access to the site.  You will receive an e-mail with temporary login information.

You will be contacted by an customer service representative to set up your permanent account login information and to arrange payment for the service.